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    Chuck began writing professionally in 2002, when he randomly submitted some pieces to The New York Waste. Since then, he has been regularly published as a music reviewer/interviewer for such nationally distributed publications as The Big Takeover, Under the Volcano, Horror Garage and Fear and Loathing in Long Beach, as well as contributing liner notes, band bios and press releases for the likes of The Repercussions, The Turbo ACs and Ripping Records, respectively. Jello Biafra, Buzz Osborne of The Melvins, Sky Saxon of The Seeds, Paul Lemos of Controlled Bleeding and Chris Ashford of What?, Iloki and Wondercap records rank among his diverse interview subjects.

    Chuck has also co-written two screenplays with director Christian Ackerman, the latest of which, Hell’s Belles, won 1st place in the Zed Fest 2012 Feature Screenplay Competition. He attributes his success as a writer to his keen grasp of the English language, a subject that fascinates him to no end.

    When not furiously typing, Chuck enjoys homemade Flash video games, obscure foreign horror movies and recording unlistenable racket on an antiquated 4-track tape recorder.

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